Martin’s Patershof – Belgium

Located just twenty minutes outside of Brussels in the historic city of Mechelen lies Martin’s Patershof. This stunning building was once a church, and was transformed into a four-star hotel in the 2000s. The permit was applied for in 2006, and in 2009, the doors of the church were opened to travelers seeking a truly unique experience. And not only is the church – well, hotel, I suppose I should say, considering the building was deconsecrated – situated in a convenient and beautiful location, definitely worthy of a limousine service, it’s also absolutely steeped in history.


Free Spirit Spheres – Canada

Located in a stunning temperate rainforest on Vancouver Island, British Colombia, are three spheres suspended in the trees. The three spheres have names, and are called Eve, Eryn, and Melody. Fittingly tranquil and hip, I’d say.

Fun fact, Free Spirit Spheres are the first and only ones in the world to manufacture spherical treehouses. They come complete with so many amenities from home that my uncles St Catharines Tree Service Company would even enjoy it. If this idea appeals to you, it looks like you’re going to need to make your way to Vancouver Island. Which, by the way, is a really beautiful part of the world, treehouses aside.